Water Management Solutions for the Energy Industry

HubH2O is helping energy producers and service companies simplify water management and reduce costs. We solve three problems related to water:

  1. Compliance
  2. Cost
  3. Availability

Use HubH2O to:


  • Predict project supply and use to ensure water availability
  • Manage flowback or produced volumes and plan for next use
  • Coordinate water disposal timing with neighboring producers to reduce costs
  • Reduce downtime related to water challenges


  • Collect and track water use and transportation data in real-time
  • Ensure quality and credibility of data by eliminating reliance on spreadsheets and manual entry
  • Manage and report on water licenses to maintain compliance and reduce likelihood of regulatory fines
  • Integrated license alerts help prevent non-compliance activities before they occur


  • Assess the total lifecycle cost of water to ensure the most effective use in capital and operational projects
  • Measure real-time trucking data to reduce pickup, transport, and disposal wait times
  • Optimizing routes across your fleets and reduce overall trucking costs
  • Use real-time water use data to develop strategies to decrease lifecycle costs and logistical challenges


  • Use HubH2O to automate required regulatory reports including WURS and D59
  • Manage all water data in one location for easy response to audits, and other regulatory requirements
  • Set alerts for regulatory reporting to ensure on-time submission

What our software can do for you

Workflow Chart

Our subscription-based platform is accessed via the HubH2O mobile app and website. Subscription options include HubH2O Tracking and HubH2O Water Planning Tool.

HubH2O is helping the energy sector simplify water management and make data-driven decisions to reduce costs. Download the HubH2O brochure and contact us to learn more.

Enabling efficiency, cost reductions, and environmental performance in water use